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Have you been to Pulpit Rock?

My husband and I returned a week ago from an epic Northern European vacation. The trip consisted of an 11-N one-way Disney cruise from Dover to Copenhagen. We spent a day and a half in London when arrived and four days in Copenhagen at the end of the trip.

During the cruise, we stopped at so many beautiful places and did so many fun things. We also checked off a few destinations from our bucket list, one of those Pulpit Rock.

When I booked the tour to hike Pulpit Rock, I knew I was going to see a nice view, and because I’m a geek I also wanted to see where they had filmed that action-packed scene from the last Mission Impossible movie. But I didn’t know that the view would be one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen.

I have to admit, the hike was also one of the most challenging ones I’ve done. But it was so beautiful all the way there! It took us about two hours to hike/climb the rocky road to get to Pulpit Rock, and of course, you have to walk the way down once you are done admiring the view.

If you are up for the challenge, the world will reward you with beauty.

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